Jacob E


November 14, 2017

Performed at: Keshequa High School
Workout Name: Q2-W1
Description: 21-15-9

Bench Squats
Push Ups
Jump Ropes
Results: 2m 45s
Performed as RX
Warmup: Stretch/Review Exercises
Cooldown: Basketball

12 similar workouts

Date Name WorkoutDescription Results
01/22/2018 Q2-W13 - SPRINT TEST BENCHMARK #2 1 Length of Gym Sprint Test

TWO ATTEMPTS, use your fastest time!

End line to End Line

Feet must start behind the black baseline of basketball court

Stop clock when chest breaks the opposite baseline of basketball court

Log online to the nearest tenth of a mile
3.90 mi
Performed as RX
01/22/2018 Q2-W14 PAINT AGILITY BENCHMARK #2 Paint Agility Benchmark

Using the four corners of the lines that make up the paint in basketball, you will be testing your agility.

Starting on the baseline right corner you will:
1. Sprint forward to the right corner of the foul line
2. Slide to the left corner of the foul line
3. Backpeddle back to the left corner of the baseline
4. Sidestep to the right corner of the baseline
5. Run diagonal to the left corner of the foul line
6. Sidestep to the right corner of the foul line
7. Backpeddle diagonally to the left corner of the baseline.
8. Sidestep to the right corner of the baseline.

You will be timed, round to the nearest tenth of a second.

Log in Miles rounded to the tenth.
14.20 mi
Performed as RX
01/18/2018 Q2-W12 - Long Jump Benchmark #2 Perform at least three attempts at the standing long jump. Record in total inches. Log your furthest jump online and with me. 74 in
Performed as RX
01/16/2018 Q2-W11 - SQUAT BENCHMARK #2 Warm Up Set
30% of 1 REP MAX for 8 Reps

Working Sets
1 Rep at each weight working up to your max
255 . lbs
Performed as RX
01/11/2018 Q2-W10 - CORE BENCHMARK #2 Today we will test our core endurance. See how long you can hold a plank. You will need to keep your hands and feet on the floor while maintaining your shoulders to ankles in a straight line. Please log with the total time. 3m 03s
Performed as RX
11/14/2017 Q2-W1 21-15-9

Bench Squats
Push Ups
Jump Ropes
2m 45s
Performed as RX
01/20/2017 Q2-W15 21-15-9
Double Leg Mountain Climbers (Both in and out)
Bench Squats
Line Jumps

1m 08s
Performed as RX
01/18/2017 Q2-W14 2 Rounds For Time

10 Single Jump Jump Ropes
Farmer Walk Across the Gym (Weight in One Hand)
10 Mason Twists w/weight - Weight Touches the Floor
Farmer Walk Back Across The Gym (Opposite Hand)
10 Single Arm Side Plank Raise
2m 13s
Performed as RX
01/13/2017 Q2-W13 2 Rounds for Time

15 Air Squats - butt to ankles down and straight leg stand
Frankenstein Walk
10 Shoulder Taps
Backward Jog
1m 22s
Performed as RX
01/05/2017 Q2-W12 End to End 2 Rounds for Time
Endline to Endline

10 Shoulder Taps
Lunge to Half
Hop On One Foot from half to Endline
20 Calf Raises facing wall
Hop on One Foot to Halfcourt
Mogul Jumps to Endline (Two foot diagonal jumps)
1m 33s
Performed as RX
01/03/2017 Q2-W11 1 MINUTE AMRAP

15 reps
Performed as RX
12/20/2016 Q2-W10 AMRAP in 2 Min

10 Bench Squats w/10lb Weight
Run w/weight to net and back
7 rounds 0 reps
Performed as RX