Frequently Asked Questions
What is TrackMyPR?
TrackMyPR is a free website that allows athletes to keep a log of their CrossFit workouts. TrackMyPR automatically compares your workout results to your previous efforts. TrackMyPR also automatically updates your Metcon and Weightlifting benchmarks. All your workout results are easily searchable and can be shared with anyone or hidden to everyone except yourself based on your security preferences.

TrackMyPR allows gym owners to create a gym profile page for their box. The gym profile page displays contact information for the box. Gym owners can post their daily WOD to the gym profile page and it will display on the TrackMyPR homepage for the gym's members. A leaderboard of results is automatically generated for each WOD and this leaderboard can be displayed directly to a gym's website or blog.

We are committed to making TrackMyPR the easiest and most complete CrossFit workout logging tool.
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How much does TrackMyPR cost?
TrackMyPR is free. This website was built because we were tired of keeping a spreadsheet and notepad of our workout results. We believe it should be easy and free to log your workouts and to search through the results.
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Who can see my workouts?
There are three security settings available for who can view your workouts: Public, Gym, and Myself.

If the account security setting is set to Public, anyone using TrackMyPR can view your workout history.

If the account security setting is set to Gym, only members of your gym can view your workout history. Note: if your TrackMyPR account is not affiliated with a gym and you set the account security setting to Gym, only other Unaffiliated athletes can view your workout history.

Finally, if the account security setting is set to Private, only you can view your workout history.

The account security setting can be set on the Account Settings page.

Note: If your gym posts the leaderboards directly to their website/blog, your results will only display on the leaderboards if your security setting is set to Public.
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How do I change or delete a workout I logged?
You must be logged in to TrackMyPR to edit a workout. You can locate the workout you want to edit by hovering over the "Workouts" menu item, then click on the "My Workouts" submenu item. You may use the Search filters to find the workout you want to edit. Once your workout is listed in the Search Results, click on the row containing the workout. The Workout Details page will open and an "Edit Results" button will be visible. Click "Edit Results" and the Edit Workout page will open. From this screen you can make changes to the workout results. Click the "Save" button to save your results. You may also click the "Delete" button to delete this workout.
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Do I have to be a member of a gym to enter my results for a WOD that the gym posts?
No, you do not have to be a member of a gym to enter your results for a posted WOD. This allows athletes who are visiting different gyms to enter their results for the WOD leaderboard.

You can use the Gym Search to find the gym where you performed the workout. Navigate to that gym's "WODs" page and use the 'Enter Your Results' button.
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I forgot my password. How do I reset it?
You can use the Forgot Password page to reset your password. Simply enter the email address you used to register for TrackMyPR and click 'Submit'. An automated email containing a temporary password will be sent to you. After logging in using the temporary password, you can change your password using the Account Settings page.
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Do you have an iPhone/Android app?
We have started development on an iPhone app. An Android app will follow. As with the rest of TrackMyPR, the apps will be free.
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Why do the dates on the 'My PRs' page show 1/1/2012?
In late February we added a feature so that your history for the Girls/Heroes/Strength/Distance benchmarks is saved. Unfortunately we did not store the dates for your previously set PRs, so we decided to set the dates for all previously set PRs to 1/1/2012.

The dates will be set correctly for all your future PRs, whether they are set through the Add Workout screen or manually from your My PRs page. You can click on the date next to your PRs to view your history for each workout.

You can correct the date for your past PRs by clicking on the date displayed on your 'My PRs' page. Dates can be updated through the screen that opens. Dates must be in MM/DD/YYYY format.
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How do I change my Email/Password?
You may change your Email address and password from your Account Settings page.
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Can I download my workout history?
Yes, you can download your workout history whenever you want! Once you login, you will see an "Export Workouts" option under the "Workouts" menu. This page will allow you to export your workout history to a CSV file.
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